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Registration of medical institutions

Item: Registration of medical institutions

Legal basis: Administrative Regulations on Medical Institutions

Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Administration Regulations on Medical Institutions

Administrative License Law of the People’s Republic of China

Charge standard: Free of charge

Service procedure: I. Application with service window; II. Preliminary examination by supervisors; III. Examination and approval by deputy section chief; IV. Examination and approval by section chief; V. Examination and approval by director-general

Duration: Make a decision on whether to grant the administrative license within 20 business days, and issue and deliver licenses to applicant within 10 business days.

Service agency: Agency Service Window of Public Health Bureau of Investment Service Center, Tongzhou District, Beijing [Address] No. 258 Xinhua East Street, Tongzhou District, Beijing, [Telephone] 69514537

Service time: 8:30am – 12:00am, 13:30pm – 17:00pm, Monday to Friday

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