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Payment of Commission for Withholding or Collecting Tax

Item:   Payment of Commission for Withholding or Collecting Tax

Legal basis : Circular of Beijing Local Taxation Bureau on Printing and Issuing Beijing Local Taxation Bureau Administration Methods about Tax Withholding or    Collecting Commission

Service procedures :      After declaration of obligor or withholder and settlement and reporting of bills, fill in Commission Payment Information Sheet, affix   official seal of obligor (unit) or withholder or signature of obligor (individual), and then submit to corresponding taxation office for handling.

Duration : Three months as from the date of acceptance, no more than six months at most

Service agency :
                           No.1 Taxation Office
                           Yuqiao Taxation Office
                           Foreign-related/Individual Business Taxation Office
                           Xiji Taxation Office
                           Songzhuang Taxation Office
                           Yongledian Taxation OfficeYongshun Taxation Office
                           Huoxian Taxation Office
                           Zhangjiawan Taxation Office
                           Majuqiao Taxation Office

Address  : 8154-5522 (No.1 Taxation Office)    No. 136 Yuqiao Middle Road, Tongzhou District
                 8154-5943 (Yuqiao Taxation Office)   No. 136 Yuqiao Middle Road, Tongzhou District
                 8088-5953 (Foreign-related/Individual Business Taxation Office)   No. 240 Yudaihe East Road, Tongzhou District
                 6157-6201 (Xiji Taxation Office)    Xiji Township, Tongzhou District
                 6959-8382 (Songzhuang Taxation Office)    Zhengfu Road, Songzhuang Township, Tongzhou District
                 6956-3459 (Yongledian Taxation Office)    Yongledian Township, Tongzhou District
                 8088-0320 (Yongshun Taxation Office)    No. 55 Xinhua North Road, Tongzhou District
                 8058-6935 (Huoxian Taxation Office)    Huoxian Township, Tongzhou District
                 6150-3161 (Zhangjiawan Taxation Office)    South to Zhangjiawan Township People’s Government, Tongzhou District
                 6158-5166 (Majuqiao Taxation Office)    South to original Dadushe Township People’s Government

Service telephone:   8154-5522 (No.1 Taxation Office)
                               8154-5943 (Yuqiao Taxation Office)
                               8088-5953 (Foreign-related/Individual Business Taxation Office)
                               6157-6201 (Xiji Taxation Office)
                               6959-8382 (Songzhuang Taxation Office)
                               6956-3459 (Yongledian Taxation Office)
                               8088-0320 (Yongshun Taxation Office)
                               8058-6935 (Huoxian Taxation Office)
                               6150-3161 (Zhangjiawan Taxation Office)
                               6158-5166 (Majuqiao Taxation Office)

Service time   :   Business days

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