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Procedures of Applying for Reissuing Resident Permit for Foreigner to Enter and Leave Mainland

    If a group visa is lost, the group shall timely apply for reissuing another one to the exit-entry administration of the municipal public security bureau. During application, the official letter from the host organization, the passports of all the group members, and the photocopy of the visa of the group entering the mainland this time and the list of the group members supplied with the visa, in order to apply for the zeroth group visa with the valid period equivalent to the original group visa detention period.  

Reissuance of visa and resident permit

(i)  Objects to which visa and permit are reissued:  
The foreigners losing their passports, renewing their passports or applying for passports for the first time. 

(ii) Procedures for applying for reissuing visa and resident permit: 
    1. The reissued or renewed (acquired for the first time) passport or the certificate issued by the embassy for replacing the passport.
    2. The old passport and visa (or resident permit) used by the foreigner applying for a renewal passport.
    3. The Certificate for Passport Loss Report or Certificate for Resident Permit Loss Report issued by the public security bureau shall be presented. In case the embassy and consulate of the foreigner’s motherland stationing in China take back the old passport of the applicant for renewal, the note addressed to the Exit and Entry Administration to require reissuing visa to the person losing or renewing (acquiring a new) passport.  
    4. In case of a foreign child born in Beijing, the birth certificate and the foreign passport and visa (or resident permit) of the parent of the child shall be submitted. 
    5. The Application Form for Foreigner Visa and Resident Permit shall be filled correctly and submitted, with a light-blue-background recent 2-in.bareheaded photo showing the full faces attached, and the stamp of the host organization shall be affixed in case of reissuing resident permit. 

(i) The foreigner shall pay the fee specified by the Chinese competent governmental authority for visa and resident permit.
(ii) The valid period or the entry times of the visa and the retention period of resident permit applied by foreigner shall be subjected to the approval by the entry and exit administration. 
(iii) The entry and exit administration shall be entitled to refuse the application for visa, resident permit or certificate by foreigners according to the applicable law, and shall be entitled to revoke or cancel the issued visa, resident permit or certificate.
(iv) The entry and exit administration shall handle only the visa or resident permit application by the foreigner in person. Commission is allowed in case of the followings:
    1. The relative to be visited shall be allowed to apply for the L visa on behalf of the visitor, the travel agency shall be allowed to apply for the L visa on behalf of the traveling group, and the relative or host organization of the person going to China to see a doctor shall be allowed to apply for the L visa on behalf of the patient.  
    2. The host organization shall be allowed to apply for F visa on behalf of the foreigner it will receive. 
    3.  The employer or school of foreigners shall be allowed to apply for resident permits on behalf of the foreigners. However, foreigners must present in person during the first application for resident permit.
(v) In case of changes of foreigner resident items, contents or migration, the foreigner shall go to the Exit and Entry Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to go through change or migration procedures within 10 days.  
(vi) Foreigners may enter into or exit from China within the valid period of the resident permit without arranging additional visa formalities.
(vii) During retention in China, the foreigner must observe laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. The competent authority shall punish any foreigner breaching laws of China as per the applicable law. 
(viii) For instructions for foreigners to apply for visa and resident permit, see the web of the Exit and Entry Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. 

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