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Application for Certificate of Passport Loss Report in Case of Passport Loss of Foreigner in Beijing

    If a foreigner losses his passport in Beijing, he must go to his embassy stationing in China to replace the lost passport  by a new frontier exit-entry certificate by the passport loss report certificate issued by our administration. The following documents are required for applying for a passport loss report certificate:
1. The case report certificate issued by the local police station of the public security bureau of the place where the passport is lost;
2. The photocopy of the lost passport or other original or photocopy certificate that can prove the foreign nationality of the foreigner (e.g. ID card, driving license, employee’s card, seaman’s book, social security card, etc.). If the foreigner cannot present any valid ID certificate, his embassy stationing in China shall issue a nationality confirmation for him.
3. Certificate of living in Beijing. The foreigners living in a hotel catering to foreigners or apartment shall present their registration cards, and those living in a Chinese resident’s home must present the temporary residence registration issued by the local police station. 
4.  The foreigner to be received by a Chinese host must present the letter of introduction issued by his Beijing employer or inviter, travel agency.
5. One 2-in. bareheaded photo showing the full faces shall be submitted.
6. The reception station is Window 17, F2, our reception hall.

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