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Preparations and Requirements for Applying for Foreigner Entry and Employment Permit (Application for Employment Permit)

1.  Requirements for employing foreigners
    The post for foreigners shall be of senior technology and management type that requires something special, does not breach the requirements of China, and cannot be well done by native people in China temporarily. That is to say, neither the industry system nor the labor market at home can provide the native Chinese people qualified for the post.   

2. The requirements for foreigners to get a job in China
    (1) 18 full years old or older, good health (the health certificate issued recently by the competent medical establishment in the homeland of the foreigner); 
    (2) The necessary professional skills and applicable working experience associated with the post; 
    (3) No criminal records;
    (4) A specific employer;
    (5) Valid passport or other international travel documents that are allowed to replace the passport.

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