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Application for Permanent Resident Permit for Foreigner -Special Contribution

I. Requirement
    Special contributions
    The person making significant and outstanding contributions to China or needed specially by China.

    Special contributions
    1. Photocopy of the valid foreign passport or the certificate that is allowed to replace the passport of the associated person (the original copy shall be presented);
    2. Four 2-in.recent half-length bareheaded light-blue-background photochromes showing the full faces; 
    3. The recommendation letter issued by the competent ministry, ministry, and bureau subordinate the State Council; 
    4.The photocopy of Foreign Expert Certificate or Foreigner Employment Certificate (the original copy shall be presented); 
    5. Various honor certificates;
    6. Certifications of scientific payoffs with world-class significance or great value reached by the applicant; 
    7. The Chinese scientific and technological talents with a foreign nationality may apply for   Permanent Resident Permit for Foreigner  by virtue of the recommendation letter of identification confirmation letter issued by the Ministry of Personnel; 
    8. The photocopy of the notarized “marriage certificate” (the original copy shall be presented) shall be submitted if the spouse simultaneously applies for Permanent Resident Permit :
Health certificate (within 6 months before the application); the certificate of no criminal record in the associated foreign country; 
    9. The photocopy of the notarized “birth certificate” or “parent-Child relationship certificate” of the child shall be submitted if the child younger than 18 full years old simultaneously applies for the Permanent Resident Permit(the original copy shall be presented):
    10. Other necessary certificates. 

    1. All certificates issued by the foreign authorities shall be verified by the Chinese embassy and consulate stationing in the associated country;
    2. All materials in the foreign language shall be translated into Chinese by the nominated translation agency; 
    3. All photocopies shall be of A4 format and in duplicate.

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