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Airport Bus Information

    The adjustment of the lines, stops and time is subject to the information published by Capital International Airport Control Station. The bus departs as it is full. You can buy the ticket in the airport or sites inside the city, with the uniform fare is 16 RMB Yuan for Line 1 to Line 9 and special lines. Line 9 reaches Tongzhou directly.
Airport bus line 9
Capital Airport→Tongzhou (Stops: Beiguan, Xidajie, Beiyuan, Cuipingbeili)
First bus: 7:00     Last bus: 24:00
Tongzhou→Capital Airport (Stops: Cuipingbeili, Beiyuan, Beiguan)
First bus: 5:15     Last bus: 18:45

24h service hotline: 010-64594375    010-64594376

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