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Xiaolou Braised Catfish

    Xiaolou Braised Catfish: Located in Tongzhou South Street and built in 1900, Xiaolou Restarant is a famous Muslim hotel, as “Laozihao” in the east of Beijing with a history of a century. –As one of the “Tongzhou Three Treasures”, Xiaolou Braised Catfish is renowned in Beijing with sophisticated technology, and its production process has been included in the district-level intangible cultural heritage. During making it, only the middle of catfish is used, through consecutive knifes or cut, wrapped in mung bean starch, after three stews and three roasts with stirring in accessories, thicken with mixture of cornstarch and water and then you can make it out of the pan. This dish is golden, scorched outside and tender inside, delicious with unique flavor.

Xiaolou Restaurant   
Address: No. 12, Tongzhou South Street, Tongzhou District
Tel: 010-69544368

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