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Creak Box

    Creak box, also called fried box, isn’t elegant but matches the reality. It is popular and older than the old Beijing. It was born with the Grand Canal in the source of river—Tongzhou. It doesn’t care about the canal’s decline but still spreads among the people in the east of Beijing through thousands of years’ consideration and taste, and will spread day and day. Previously when the spring festival came, the people in the east of Beijing, Tongzhou and of even both sides of the canal would make the surplus food carefully, and the fried creak box is the one. It can be made not only into dessert to entertain distinguished guests, but also into soup and stuffing to enrich the taste of life. The raw material of creak box is very wide range, such as wheat, rice, bean, grain, even broomcorn and corn can be selected. Grind the raw material into powder, and mix the water into thick liquid, then the pancake is ok, which is thin like cicada’s wings and seems like full moon. Then sprinkle a little caraway and spiced salt equably, and roll up, cut them into sections. After you fry them, the creak box is born. Creak box looks like light gold and weighs like nothing. It’s so crisp that you can hear the creak and smell the fragrance that refreshing you. The poor has their own way to eat, so they can also feel the fragrance of the five cereals with what they own. If they have no edible oil, baking with fire can make purer fragrance. Moreover no frying makes us healthier, maybe in the ancient times they also thought so.

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