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Xianyuan Preserved Beancurd

    Xianyuan Bean Curd (preserved beancurd in original Wantong Sauce and Pickle Shop): in 1918, the Muslim capitalist Ma Zhaofeng, whose origninal home is in Tongzhou, solely founded Wantong Sauce and Pickle Shop to produce and sell all kinds of spices, with one of its main product is Wantong preserved beancurd. With its delicate texture, fragrant and unique flavor, the preserved beancurd has enjoyed popularity in the capital and its environs and sells well in the eight counties of the east Beijing from the twenties. With the unremitting efforts of generations, it not only maintains the fine tradition of real materials, but also uses science and technology to constantly enhance the core competitiveness of soup recipes and to improve its flavor, making it well accepted by peers, old and new consumers and all orders of society. Its products sell well in China, Hong Kong, Canada and other countries and regions, and Wantong preserved beancurd (now is Xianyuan preserved beancurd) has truly become one of  “Tongzhou Three Treasures”.

Xianyuan Brewage   
Address: Kuoxian Economy Industry, Tongzhou District 
Tel: 010-80585024

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