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Dashunzhai Sweetened Baked Wheaten Cake

    Dashunzhai Sweetened Baked Wheaten Cake: founded in 1637 (at the end of Chongzhen years of Ming Dynasty), over three hundred and seventy years ago, Beijing Dashunzhai Food Co., Ltd. is an old and famous shop, as “Laozihao” in the capital and national specified halal food supplies business. It mainly produces traditional Chinese and Western-style cakes, especially osmanthus baked wheaten cake. They are strict in sorting and making the cakes, such as they choose only clean standard flour, Tongzhou sesame oil, sweet-scented osmanthus in Tianjin, and as for the brown sugar and sesame paste, they only choose one place to purchase without any ambiguity.
Dashunzhai Food Store  Address: Xinhua Street, Tongzhou   

Tel: 010-89522469

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