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Tongzhou Museum

    Built in 1992, Tongzhou Museum is located in the south of Xinhua Street in downtown of Tongzhou District. It is a well preserved Qing Dynasty courtyard with classic Beijing architectural style and some local characteristics. The museum is displaying “Ancient Tongzhou” permanently, with historical materialism point of view to exhibit a collection of 164 pieces of choosed unearthed precious relics from Tongzhou, the content of which thoroughly introduces the 2200 years of Zhixian County from Xihan Dynasty, including the original history of Tongzhou Canal, which was built during Qin and Han Dynasty and developed to its most flourishing period from Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, representting the civilization but also hardworking of Tongzhou people.

Brief Introduction
    Beijing Tongzhou Museum is located in No.9, Xidajie Street, Tongzhou County, on the southwest bank of Za Bridge, Xinhua Street, with an area of 1,914 square meters and the architectural area of 939 square meters. The exhibition hall has an area of 266 square meters with the capacity of 300 persons. The courtyard has been originally used by old caters since the spring of 1991, but then was rebuilt as Tongzhou Museum and opened to public on 1 January, 1992.

    Tongzhou Museum is displaying precious photos, the building itself is protected as the cultural relic. Three Officials Temple was built here in the 12th year during the reign of Emperor Kang Xi (1673) and it was repaired to worship Heaven Official for longevity and blessings, Earth Official for remitting evils, Water Officials for relieving distress and others. In 1923, Beijing IWC Ethics Association Tongzhou Branch created Modelled Activity Place on the ruins of Three Officials Temple, with the monogram is “”, so in the hall, lobby, and opisthodome are carved the word, commonly known as “Wan Character courtyard”. In December 1935, Yin Rugeng, a traitor, formed Pseudo-East Hebei Autonomous Council Self-Government and become the Japanese puppet, Tongzhou “Wan Character Courtyard” gradually became a traitor activities stronghold. It was rebuilt in 1964 and changed as “Dongyi Hotel”, which soon be closed. And it was used by Veteran Bureau after the Third Plenary Session. After rebuilt in 1991, it was converted into Tongzhou Museum.

Main Task
    In January 1990, decided by Yuantong County Committee and the leaders of county government leaders, Tongzhou Museum was built as a full-funded unit. The functions include to collect, organize, research, exhibit and display works; it is open for educating the locals especially the young on patriotism and affection to hometown.
Architectural Style
    Tongzhou Museum is exhibiting precious pictures. With a reconstruction fund of 500,000 RMB allocated by the local financial department, Majuqiao construction team was in charge of the reconstruction. Based on reserving its original antique architectural outlook, they newly opened a door at the north side facing Xinhua Street, at the rear hall adjacent to the three rooms. In order to highlight the local features, color painting was used for the whole building and the picture of eight scenic spots of Tongzhou was integrated with color paintings of Su style, simple and elegent.
    The museum is a well-preserved Qing Dynasty with two sets of homes, with the construction area of ​​936 square meters, with typical Beijing architectural style and local characteristics.
    At the north gate facing the steps made of stone, there is a white jade column standing on both sides, a dragon head climb to the top of the column, the whole column is a vase with open-work sculptures. The oil painting is the main decoration inside the courtyard with an antique style, among them, paintings of eight scenic spots of Tongzhou are the most magnificent and gorgeous. In the middle of the courtyard, it is a round flower terrace, sounded by green sand rock and a dragon cameo, a lilac is planting inside the terrace. When the lilac is blossoming, one can enjoy both the smell of the flower and the quiet environment.
    The museum was formerly the late Qing Dynasty architecture, south binary door three, hard mountain ridge Tongwa hoop head, bright room for the channel, vertical belt stone four. Penthouse each one, each one thing wing, Soviet-style painting. To facilitate the tourists to visit, now shed the north gate, then the Baoxia three, rehabilitation stairs, fence and guard to look Beaulieu relief column, tailgate openwork vase. with painting, antique, which Tongzhou Eight painted figure, more eye-catching. Circular flower bed hospital in the home, green sand rock surrounded puzzle, relief Dulong, implanted an ancient lilac. Each value bloom, pleasant aroma.

Outline of the Exhibition Hall
    There are four exhibition halls in Tongzhou Museum, three of which are used temperately, one is used permanently, hundreds of exhibitions of different topics were exhibiting here after it was opened in 1991.
    “Ancient Tongzhou” is exhibiting here permanently, there are 114 pieces of local historic relics exhibiting here, two pieces of which are the first grade and displays a long history of 2200 years as early as new Stone Age, warring states period, and west Han dynasty since the county was established. More than fifty pieces of epitaphs were once displayed here, most of which are unearthed from the canal during Dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing with a remarkable value, not only to protect the cultural relics but also promote the long history of canal.

Exhibition Chronology
    Over the years, it held more famous thematic exhibitions as follows: 1993 “Tongzhou Spring” Flower Bonsai Exhibition; 1994 “Traditional Virtues of the Chinese Nation”; 1995 “Flood of Japanese Nation” large national movies exhibition; 1996 “Only the Communist Party Can Save China” large exhibition; 1997 “Read centuries dream, welcome return of Hong Kong” photos exhibition; 1998 “Tongzhou Environmental Construction Photography Exhibition”; 1999 “People’s Memorial 50th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC” large exhibition; 2000 “Tongzhou Artists Association Exhibition”; 2001 “Sun Yat-sen, Soong Ching Ling’s Life Exhibition”; 2002 “Grand Canal Cultural Wuyihuayuan Cup Winning Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition”; 2003 “Congress Celebrate New Year Exhibition”; 2004 Building New Beijing, and Create New Green Tongzhou-Seniors Painting Exhibition”; 2005 “Five Counties in the East of Beijing Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition”.

Education Base
    Tongzhou Museum is surrounded by views of the picture. As a youth education base in the region, it aims to conduct patriotic education to the people especially the youth, so it has especially set up the social education department to carry out a variety of educational activities. Major educational means and methods are as follows: firstly; take guide commentary in the exhibition as the main means of education, individual exhibition is equipped with audio commentaries (eg: National Anti-Drug Exhibition). Secondly: quiz with prize in the combination of exhibition activities. In organizing the “Read centuries dream, welcome return of Hong Kong” exhibition, in order to strengthen the education, the quiz with prize was carried out after visiting. Thirdly, solicit articles or essays. It has organized “know Tongzhou, love Tongzhou, build Tongzhou” essay contest and the “Traditional Virtues of the Chinese Nation” Exhibit Feedback Essay Competition. Fourthly, countryside touring exhibition. It Includes the Qing Dynasty mummy exhibition, “Read centuries dream, welcome return of Hong Kong” photos exhibition, “Traditional Virtues of the Chinese Nation” exhibition.
    Through a variety of ways, it has directly and indirectly advocated and organized spectators of 2,000,000 passengers.

Address: No. 9 Xidajie Street, Tongzhou District
Tel: 010 -69546442
Bus: 322, 342, 667, 666, 804, 806, Xinhuadajie Stop, or take subway BATONG Line Tongzhoubeiyuan Station to transfer 322, 342, 666, 667, 804, 806 Xinhuadajie Stop
Self-driving Route: Beijing-Tongzhou Expressway Baliqiao exit, go straight along Xinhua Street for 2.6 km

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