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Tongzhou Canal Park(AAA Scenic Spot)

    Tongzhou Canal is the north end of the well-known Great Canal. It not only expresses its dignity and momentum through the river,but also the artery of the Imperial City delivering food and supplies. What’s more, it is the channel between south and north to exchange culture.
    Nowadays. Tongzhou is endowed with new historical mission. It is not only one of modern cities mainly constructed by capital city, but also known as “the deputy
center of capital city”. During the construction of Tongzhou New City, it exploited canal at first, making hundreds of years of sleeping Yangtze river wake up and be vibrantit. It is not only a river to create entertainment for travelers, but also a window which can show prospects of Tongzhou to Beijing, China, and even the whole  world.
    Tongzhou Canal Park contains Canal Cultural Square, Canal Olympic Park and Ecological Park. Based on those conditions, the park was extended, rebuilt and reunited
into a large-scale green ecological park. It is a comprehensive place combining entertainments, gyms and water sightseeing, which is also the largest city park in the northern part of Beijing.
    The scenery area of canal sides covers over million acres, beautiful and  comfortable. “One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero. One who fails to visit
canal knows nothing about history” .  The incessant development of canal tourism must recover canal’s magnificence! 
Operating Features:
    The projects in Tongzhou Canal Park mainly are boat sightseeing.  Since September 28, 2007, travelers has increased year by year. At present, there are two large,
four medium-sized, one small gaily-painted pleasure-boats, which are all double-deck and well-equipped. In addition, there are three archaized cargo ships, four modern sightseeing boats,luxury yachts,boats that only used by king and so on. Those boats contains more than 1000 persons. No matter what you are going to do-sightseeing, conferences, banquets, or family parties, festivals, enjoy the moon on boats, we can make various plans according to your requirements.
    In the water area of Caoyun terminal, we can provide yachts、boats shaped like lotus steered by travelers, wherries, hummer boats etc...
    Time Of Sailing: the beginning of April to the end of November every year.

Price of Sailing Route
① regular route: wharf 2—water terminal(return). Voyage: 20 km  Time: about one hour   Price:80yuan/per person
② characteristic route: wharf 2—forest park(return/single). Voyage: 21km/10.5km. Time: 70minutes/40minutes. Price: 80Yuan/per person
PS: during return route, it will not be docked.
③ long voyage route: wharf 2--- Gan tang rubber dam(return)
Voyage: 25km. Time: about 100 minutes. Price:120yuan/per person
④ charter boat—Provide senior service. Need to be reserved in advance.
⑤ sailing at night—Provide service for night. Need to be reserved in advance.

Main sceneries:

Caoyun terminal:
    It is the location of a TV play,Caoyun Terminal,which is located in the east coast of the canal, built with archaized walls, towers, shipai buildings, wooden
fang, lighting houses, passenger and shipping terminals etc... In addition, the terminal is decorated with flagstaff, stoned lions, water monster etc... HongLou, Worldwide Salter, National Treasure were all made here.
    Tongzhou is famous for its canal, the canal is thrived because of caoyun. Caoyun is a economical system in Ming, Qing dynasty, through which they can deliver food
to the capital city. Therefore, “the floating beijing city” is not nonsense. Caoyun terminal not only represents the prosperity of caoyun at that time, but also shows the magnificence of canal culture.

Canal Cultural square:
    The canal cultural square of Tongzhou covers an area of 138 thousands square meters. The overall layout of this square can be divided as “three lines and three
centers”. Three lines point thousands years of footpath as central axes and sailing type lamp on east-west sides. Three centers : central island, Bngshui square, celebration square. Cultural landscapes in square that embody canal’s culture are memorial archway, thousands years of footpath, the canal antique clock and so on.
    Giant sculpture of city, the east, was designed by maestro Han Meilin. Its height is 32meters and weight is 260tons. Its materials are cast bronze and granite. The
whole sculpture is made up of a giant dragon and three kylins. It is the symbol building of the canal cultural square.

Address: Hu street 70 Tongzhou distrct AOTI park
Ship hotline: 010-80851247 010-80851347  010-89520675
Route: take bus 322, 728, 667, 804, arrive station Dongguan bridge, and walk 100meters to the west.
Self-driving route: drive along Jingtong expressway to the direction of Tongzhou. Depart from Bali bridge toll bridge(the direction of Tongzhou district). Drive
straight about 4miles along Xinhuaxi street, to Dongguan bridge and turn right.

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