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The East Zone of Beijing Tongzhou Economic Development Zone

    Located in the southeast of Beijing, Xiji town is the starting point of the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with 2000 years of history. In history, Xiji town was traffic arteries, water transport, warehousing powerhouse. Travellers from all the nations came to worship, many people made contributions from all direction. If itinerant merchants want to go to Beijing by water or by land, they must pass through here,  making it enjoy a good reputation of " DongJiao XiJi south and north water transport, one road and two rivers crossing all the way ". The famous local literary writer Liu Shaotang was born here, he uses his pen depicting the fresh image of working peoples’ living and working status quo on both sides of the Grand Canal.
    In recent years, Xiji Town continuously increases industrial structure with rapid development, in order to build a first-class eco-town. Xiji Town develops industrial layout at a high speed, and achieves gratifying results. The current forest coverage of the town has reached 51%, which is an important fruit production town in Tongzhou District, with planting area of cherry, pear reaching to hundreds of thousands mu, and whenever it comes to fruit ripening seasons, people from all directions come to visit and purchase fruits, becoming a bright landscape of Xiji Town.
    Beijing Xiji Development Zone is located in the southeast of Beijing, which was established in January 2001, with the overall planning area of ​​3.6 square kilometers. It is located in the center of the intersection of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei provinces, stretching to  Mixi highway to the east; Wuxiao Road to the west; Beijing-Shenyang Expressway to the south; Tongxiang Road to the north. Here, trees shade the street , with elegant environment, fresh air and  developed transportation.
    Xiji Development Zone has established for several years.Since its establishment,it has attracted 45 enterprises settling in, with the accumulated technology gross income of 2.6 billion yuan, initially forming the industrial pattern of high-tech enterprise, urban industry and export-oriented economy as the mainstay.
    Beijing Xiji Development Zone will wholeheartedly welcome the public to visit and invest and develop with its advantageous location; beautiful natural environment; complete infrastructure; quality and efficient service.

    According to the planning and design  of "Seven Connections and one leveling" ", Xiji Development Zone boasts complete road, electricity, water, electricity and drainage, gas, heat, communications and other infrastructure and service systems with land leveling, road network developed.
    (1) Road:  Kehai Avenue, the main road in the zone is 18 meters wide, 3.5 km long, forming the local traffic network of three vertical and three horizontal.
    (2) Power supply: A 110000 kilovolt substation is equiped, providing adequate electricity supply for the enterprise in the zone.
    (3) Water supply: There is a water plant,with daily water supply of 10,000 tons, providing production and living water to the enterprise zone. The laying length of water pipeline is 2718.1 m. The laying length of network of drains is 3,388 meters, with diameter 800mm.
    (4) Drainage: The park can provide normal drainage, sewerage facilities for the enterprise settling in. A sewage treatment plant has started to build.
    (5) Gas:The zone is equiped with LPG stations and compressed natural gas distribution station, which can meet the needs of enterprises for vapor that enter the zone.
    (6) Heat: There are a total of three boilers in the central boiler room, among them,one is heating boiler, another two are gas -supply boilers, providing central heating and steam for production and living  for  the enterprise that enter the zone.
    (7) Communication: The capacity of program-controlled telephone is 20,000, the area of ​​broadband network has been access  to the zone, broadband: 1000 port, communication facilities developed.

Geography Transportation
    Xiji Development Zone is located in the largest collection of Greenwood Strip in Jingdong - Xiji Town, Tongzhou, with Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Chaobai River surrounding  among it. Here,the triffic can reach all directions, with Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, Beijing-Tianjin highway, Tongxiang Road passing the zone, and Beijing-Shenyang Expressway sets two exits in the zone: Xiji and Langfu. It takes just 15 minutes driving to Beijing, half an hour’ drive from the airport, and only 1.5 hours’ drive to Tianjin, Route 938, 938 bus arrives here every 10 minutes. The local road network is reasonably distributed, in connection with each other. The total length of road network is 17,129 meters, the main road 20 meters wide, forming a three vertical and three horizontal transportation network. In addition, the proposed seven loop, Beijing railway loop line and the second highway of Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu will pass through one side of zone.

Preferential Policies
    High-tech enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises all enjoy preferential tax policies related to national regulations.

Institutional facilities
    Beijing XiJi ChuangYi Investment And Development Co. Ltd. is responsible for planning, development, construction, management and service of Xiji development zone.  The company has Investment Department, Planning Engineering Division, Corporate Services Department, General Affairs Office and other departments, respectively responsible for the entity project introduction of the development zone,and  handling various  formalities of the enterprise settling in the zone; park layout design, park landscaping; enterprise management in the park, property service, the security of enterprises entering the zone and other issues. The company takes "the requirement of the enterprises is our work,"as service purpose, providing high-quality services of "one-stop service ". All staffs of the company will be full of enthusiasm, high quality and efficient service to greet the arrival of each investor.

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