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West area of Beijing Tongzhou Economic Develop ment zone

    The west area of Beijing Tongzhou Economic Development Zone is a municipal industrial development zone established with approval of Beijing Municipal People’s Government, which is located at Zhangjiawan Town 5 kilometers in the southeast of Satellite City of Tongzhou and has a planning area of 2.78 square kilometers. Relying on its superior traffic conditions, fully furnished infrastructure and improved service system, the Zone creates a favorable investment environment for Chinese and foreign businessmen.
    At present, the Zone has 212 enterprises that integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and trade development. The investors come from the
United States, France, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions as well as some domestic provinces and cities. A group of well-known large enterprises at home and abroad invest in construction within the Zone. For example, PPG and American Crystal Technology Inc., Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. in Japan, ELF ATOCHEM in France, Industrial Automation Group and OTTO BOCK in Germany, Lion Group in Malaysia, Jilin Forest Industry Company and Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group in China, etc., Thus forming a New Technology and New Materials Industrial Park with new materials, new pharmaceuticals, electronics and fine chemicals as the pillar.
    Development Zone has a unique location advantage, which is only 25 kilometers away from Beijing Tian’anmen Square. The Zone is run through by Beijing-Shenyang
Expressway, Beijing-Tianjin Highway, and Beijing-Harbin Expressway in the south and north, and is adjacent to the 6th Ring Road and Batong Light-rail Train Station in Beijing, which is just half an hour journey from the Capital International Airport.
    The Zone is provided with complete infrastructure that reaches the standard of “six supplies and one leveling” and achieves a unified matching of infrastructure.
The total length of roads in the form of distribution network in the Zone is 15 kilometers; there is a 110KV substation; the telecommunications office with the capacity of 30,000 gates meets the needs of communications of the enterprises in the Zone; the water supply capacity is 12,000 tons per day; the central heating center can meet the requirements of the enterprises for domestic heating and industrial gas; the drainage system implements rain sewage diversion.
    The staff working for the Zone will sincerely provide high quality services for the enterprises in the principle of “To meet the needs of enterprises is our work”
. The Zone has established Lanxun Advisory Service Center and Xingtong Service Company to complete the procedures and provide property management services for all enterprises in the Zone. Police station and security guard squadron escort the production and living of the businesses in the region.
    In addition to the preferential policies granted by China and Beijing, the enterprises investing in building factories and registered in Yongle Economic Development
Zone shall also enjoy the following preferential policies upon approval of Tongzhou District People’s Government:
    The Regulations on the Rapid Development of Hi-tech Industries Relying on the Municipal Development Zones jointly developed by Beijing Municipal Development
Planning Commission and other authorities will provide municipal and district-level preferential policies for the enterprises investing in Tongzhou Industrial Zone.
    Tongzhou Industrial Development Zone sincerely welcomes the friends from all walks of life to invest in incorporating enterprises in the form of joint venture,
partnership, sole proprietorship, etc. Let us join hands to create the brilliance of Development Zone.

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