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Location Advantages of Beijing Tongzhou

    Tongzhou District, located in the southeast of Beijing, the north end of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the east extension of Chang'an Avenue, covers an area of 912.34 square kilometers. Tongzhou has a history of 2,000 years, and has always been a traffic artery in the east of Beijing as well as an important place for grain transportation and warehousing. In ancient time, the people from all countries to worship, the people from various areas to make contribution, and merchants on a long journey all came to Beijing in both land and water way must pass through Tongzhou, and therefore, Tongzhou has a good reputation of “The junction of six states in ancient China”.
    Tongzhou District has significant advantages in location and transportation, and is close to Beijing's Central Business District (CBD), 13 kilometers from World
Trade Center, 20 kilometers from Tiananmen Square, 16 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport, 100 kilometers from New Tanggu Port of Tianjin, and at the center of Bohai Economic Rim. Tongzhou also has a modern transportation system, through which the 6th Ring Road and Beijing-Shenyang, Beijing-Harbin and Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressways (collectively called “one ring and three expressways”) pass. Jingtong Expressway and Batong Light Rail connect Tongzhou and downtown of Beijing. Beijing-Chengde Railway and Beijing-Qinhuangdao Electric Railway intersect in Tongzhou.
    In recent years, tightly centering on the overall strategic planning for co nstruction of Beijing New Town, Tongzhou District has accelerated the construction of
infrastructure for five systems including road traffic, energy supply, environmental protection, modern communication and public services. The sustained, rapid and healthy development gathers a large number of enterprises with large investment scale, high technology content and good market prospect in Tongzhou, and has gradually formed the base of opto-mechatronics, new materials and modern manufacturing dominated by Beijing Opto-Mechatronics Industrial Park. Jingdong New Industrial Base has been taking shape. The comprehensive development of various social undertakings, great improvement of investment environment, and construction of canal cultural industrial belt not only makes Tongzhou’s ancient canal culture rejuvenated once again, but also includes it in one of “six major scenic spots” of Beijing Humanistic Olympics and gives rich cultural connotations to the urban development of Tongzhou.
    As a new town with the largest planned construction scale, the most obvious location advantages and the best condition of infrastructure in Beijing, Tongzhou is
growing comprehensively at an unprecedented rate and creating a new situation of modernization. Currently, Beijing Municipal Government has determined the new urban spatial development pattern of “two axes - two belts – multiple centers”. Tongzhou District is located at the middle axis of development along Chang’an Avenue of Beijing and the east industrial development belt, and has been identified as the new town for key construction and Jingdong New Industrial Base. Tongzhou will spend about five years building a basic framework of Beijing New Town, and a decade or so in building Tongzhou District into Beijing New Town. To achieve this goal, Tongzhou will accelerate the pace of development to build it into a new modern Tongzhou with strong industry support with one town as the center, five towns mutually supported and two corridors mutually reflected, prominent economic features, good ecological environment, highlighted characteristics of canal culture, complete public and living facilities and all-round social development.

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