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Mechatronics Industrial Park

    Zhongguancun Science Park Opto-Mechatronics Industrial Park, established in July 2001 upon the approval of Beijing Municipal Government, has been determined as one of “four industrial bases” given key support and development in revitalizing Beijing modern manufacturing industry and expanding capital economic aggregate. In January 2006, it was formally incorporated into Zhongguancun Science Park upon approval of the State Council, enjoying the double preferential policies granted to national economic and technological development zones and national high-tech industrial parks.
    In the urban master planning of Beijing, Opto-Mechatronics Industrial Park is located in the development zone in the east of Beijing and at the heart of Bohai Economic Rim, surrounded by Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, the 5th Ring Expressway and the 6th Ring Expressway, and therefore has a superior geological location. The Park covers a planning area of 7.5 square kilometers, of which 4.4 square kilometers is planned for industrial land. Make great efforts to develop the world-class domestic leading opto-mechatronics industry, and focus on the development of microelectronics, photonics, advanced equipment manufacturing, smart instrumentation, laser technology, CNC machine tools, printing machinery, medical equipment, semiconductor materials and other leading industries.
    After more than four years of development and construction, the current 2.5 square ki lometers infrastructure at Phase I of the Park has reached the standard of “ten supplies and one leveling” (“ten supplies” include storm sewage, feed water, reclaimed water, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, heat, cable TV, broadband, smooth municipal roads; “one leveling” refers to natural land leveling). There are a total of 16 roads with a total length of 18.634 kilometers and a total area of 706,300 square meters; the laid pipelines supporting various municipal facilities are nearly 300 kilometers; the green area of the Park reaches 530,000 square meters. Base sewage treatment plant and heating center have been put into use in succession. The sewage treatment plant has a sewage treatment capacity of 10,000 tons per day and a reclaimed water treatment capacity of 4,000 tons per day; the heating center has a heating capacity up to 500,000 square meters or more per day. In 2004, the Park passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification, reached the international standards of quality management and environmental protection, and further improved its standardized and scientific management.
    Up to now, the Park has introduced 59 well-known high-tech enterprises at home and abroad and a total investment of 17.6 billion Yuan in the form of agreement. Initially forming a photoelectronic industry cluster represented by Compound Crystal Technology Co., Ltd., electronic information industry cluster represented by Beijing Zhongkexin Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd.; auto parts manufacturing industry cluster represented by Beijing Mobis Transmission Co., Ltd.; traditional manufacturing industry cluster represented by Xinghai Piano Group Company; pharmaceutical and medical device industry cluster represented by Beijing Jiashitang Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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