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Seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of a modern new city

    The functional orientation of the plan for Tongzhou New Town is to buil d “one of the key towns for development in Beijing, a comprehensive, sustainable, regional new town providing integrated services, and an important base for Beijing to participate in regional cooperation and development of Bohai Area”, and the development goal is to build a “regional service center, cultural industry base and new livable waterfront town”. In recent years, the people living in Tongzhou have, under the correct leadership of Beijing Municipal People's Government, thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, accelerated the construction and industrial development of new town, and maintained a good momentum of steady, rapid and coordinated development of economic society. 2008 witnessed the Olympic Games and the start of compressive construction of a new town. The municipal government attaches great importance to the development of Tongzhou, all walks of life are very concerned about the construction of the new town, and a variety of quality resources crowd into the new town, providing a good opportunity with favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions for Tongzhou New Town. We will study and implement the spirit of the Seventeenth Congress of the CPC, seize the opportunity, ride the tide and accelerate the development. Major tasks and measures of economic construction and development in 2008 are:

    Emphasize on “new” to build the new city on a high level
    The new concept and new image of new town construction will be highlighted in accordance with high-standard planning, high-standard construction, and high-level
    Accelerate the major three infrastructure construction of New City and take efforts to improve the carrying capacity. First, continue to improve open-ended road
network system construction. Connect Capital Airport and complete construction of Bifu Road-Tongshun Road; further improve regional transportation environment, cooperate in completion of the construction of Beijing-Tianjin Channel 2 and Beijing-Tianjin Inter-City Railway, and complete such projects as old Jingyu Road, Zhangfeng Road and Xuyin Road; optimize urban road cycling, and complete the reconstruction of ring roads; strengthen construction of infrastructure and environment in the functional areas such as ecological business parks of Tongzhou, Songzhuang original art and cartoon industry cluster, and complete the construction of east extension of Chaoyang North Road, Luyuan North Street, Xifu Road of 6th Ring and other projects. The second is to speed up the construction of municipal utilities adapted to the new town, accelerate the integration of coal-fired boiler houses and central heating project of Hedong New Town, improve the natural gas pipeline network, and continue to promote the construction of electrification zones. Third, introduce high-quality resources and strengthen the construction of public service facilities. Accelerate the construction of Tongzhou Branch of Shijia Primary School, Tongzhou Branch of Beijing No.2 Middle School, Branch of Luhe Middle School and other famous schools; promote the cooperation between Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tongzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine; combine government promotion and market operation and actively introduce large cultural and medical service and other facilities to enhance city functions.
    Properly protect and utilize the water resources to build waterfront ecologic al environment. In these years, we continuously strengthened water ecological
environment construction and finished high-standard ecological landscape and environmental construction on the section of canal with length of 11.2km within the city, forming the unique and characteristic waterside cultural landscape in Beijing. In this year, we start to build Phase II waterfront forest park to build urban green ecological corridor. And construct Wenyu River ecological landscape and implement park projects along Wenyu River to develop the ecological waterside business environment mixed with water and green. Implement greening project of Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, Beijing-Tianjin No.2 Expressway to build a greening belts from Beijing to Tianjin. Cooperate with the construction of the south-eastern suburbs water network engineering in Beijing and gradually realize the mutual connection of “five rivers and ten water channels”, including North Canal, Liangshui River, to promote water circulation and improve the ecological environment. Preparing water pollution prevention plan; Strengthen sewage treatment, implement water environmental improvement demonstration project on section of the North Canal within the city, implement sewage interception engineering at north bank of Tonghui River, initiate the construction of reclaimed water plant with capacity of 100000t at east of the river to gradually realize the recycling of water resources.
    Start up key area development, orderly carry forward construction of the new city. Improve mechanism for level-1 development of land, give play to the leading role
of government, plan ahead and increase the land reserve. Improve policies on land acquisition and resettlement compensation; standardize land acquisition and demolishing work according to laws. Promote level-1 development of key blocks in core functional area of canal within New City, Tongzhou Business Park, and Songzhuang culture creative industry clusters and promote the entering of land into market, timely initiate key node development and construction at Beiyuan, Beiguan, Guoyuan Huandao and other areas, making preparation for implementation of major functional projects.

    Accelerate industrial development, and emphasize on “good”
    Implement functional orientation of Tongzhou New City, strive to develop the producer services and cultural creative industry, promote the integrative development
of the secondary and tertiary industries, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and the transformation of economic development pattern, and speed up the development, giving priority to good performance.
    To take advantage of gathering of modern logistics industry, build regional logistics brand facing to the Bohai Sea. One feature of producer services in Tongzhou is
the modern logistics industry; in recent years, we strived to improve the logistics industry aggregation degree and contribution and initially formed typical modes, such as “headquarters + logistics”, “production base + logistics”, “demonstration and trade + logistics”; area market in Beijing is primarily dominated by trading and distribution of books, tobacco, appliances, pharmaceuticals, dairy products and other ten kinds of products. This year, we should further strengthen the coordination, service and guidance, construct large batches of projects, including Suning Appliance North China Distribution Center, Beijing Post Sorting Center, etc.; actively develop district-oriented supply chain management, logistics technology consulting and other high-end logistics, further develop intensive and standardized cold chain logistics and other high value-added logistics, make modern logistics industry brand stronger. Vigorously develop high-end business, create business district of Tongzhou New City. Relying on the favorable ecological environment along Wenyu River, construct financial background service base, headquarters business base and new service industry incubation base in Tongzhou business park; introduce financial service, enterprise headquarters, information service, professional consulting and other high-end business activities, promote the initiation and construction of Financial Street Subdivision, Huatai Insurance and other seed projects. Accelerate the development of key block in core functional area of canal, and introduce high-grade hotels, exhibition venues, theater, cinema and other functional projects. In urban node areas, construct modern city function complex, develop building economy, build business circle in Tongzhou New City based on multi-point support.
    Using characteristic cultural resources to build cultural and creative industry base, implement the major projects-driving strategy, strive to turn the cultural
advantage into industrial advantage, build brand of characteristic cultures, such as publication and distribution, copyright trade, original art and cartoon industry, canal culture tourism, etc. Beijing Publication and Distribution Logistics Center is the biggest publications demonstration and trade and distribution center in the country, which has been completed and put into operation in 2007; we should give play to leading role of the project, promote the cluster development of publication and distribution, copyright trade and other high-end cultural industries, accelerate the construction of original art and cartoon industry clusters in Songzhuang Town, promote original art of Songzhuang Town to the demonstration, auction, centralized trading and other links, give play to the industrial leading role of Sanchen Cartoon Company, plan and construct animation creation and training industry base; deeply exploit historical and cultural resources of canal, vigorously carry forward the canal culture and develop canal culture tourism product. Tongzhou Canal Culture Square is identified as an important part of the 2008 Olympic torch relay and the torch relay will be on the canal with thousand years of history; we will carefully organize the series of Olympic activities, and take this opportunity to introduce comprehensive tourism projects in the first half year on the canal whose total length is 11.2km, and to hold series of cultural activities, develop canal culture derivatives to show the canal culture and Tongzhou New City’s image to the world and the people of the whole country, and add glamour to Beijing 2008 Olympic.
    In 2008, we will also, following science development view, adhere to the city-rural integration, make solid progress in new rural construction, take the booming
rural economy and enriching peasants as the goal, strive to develop the city modern agriculture, strengthen city agriculture infrastructure and environment construction, introduce social resources to develop high quality characteristic city agriculture project, promote the scale, industrialized and intensive development of city agriculture. Adhere to the coordination of economy and society development, speed up social development with the focus on improving people's lives, strive to develop social undertakings, strengthen the construction of community and village and towns, do a good job in respect of the safety and stability, labor employment, social security and so on, improve ordinary people's living standard with the development of economy and society.

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